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Amica introduces OptiGas™

Amica introduces OptiGas™

Leading Polish brand, Amica is delighted to have set a new standard with the introduction of OptiGas™.

Amica’s OptiGas™ is an innovative gas burning system, which optimises gas usage by increasing heating efficiency and lowering gas consumption by as much as 12%. Developed by and unique to Amica, all of its 50cm and 60cm freestanding cookers with gas hobs are now equipped with the OptiGas™ system, with burners designed for direct and precise contact between the crown of the flames and the bottom of a pan, heating the pan and not the room, burning and wasting less gas while cooking is unaffected.

Simon Freear, country manager for Amica in the UK, comments: “We’re thrilled that Amica has once again demonstrated its lead in technology and dedication to caring for the environment, with OptiGas™. 12% is a significant saving, especially in the long term – in running costs as well as in the use and waste of one of our valuable natural resources and burning less gas is kinder to the environment. Of course, without flames crashing up the sides of the pan, cooking is also much safer. OptiGas™ is both economical and ecological, and one of the real innovations is that it’s designed to suit a range of typically-sized pans.”

Amica’s OptiGas™ burns less, optimising gas usage to help save money and care for the environment.

Every cooking, refrigeration, dishwashing and laundry appliance in Amica’s portfolio is A rated or above for energy efficiency and comes with a highly saleable catalogue of features and functions as well as a decent profit margin, product support and the backing of a full two year guarantee for parts and labour. For further information, visit www.amica-international.co.uk, email sales@amica-international.co.uk or call 01425 461600.