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Kingspan Renewables Solar Thermal Collectors Give Athletes A Sporting Chance To Reduce Emissions

A new build sports pavilion in Yarborough, Lincolnshire has installed 90 Kingspan Renewables Thermomax vacuum tube collectors as part of a substantial investment from the City of Lincoln Council to reduce carbon usage levels, increase efficiency and create an excellent, sustainable facility for local sports teams and students from the neighbouring Riseholme School.

The installation of the HP200 Thermomax vacuum tube collectors provides up to 70 percent of the pavilion’s annual hot water needs for its showers and washbasins – and their unique design means athletes can count on top quality performance all-year-round.

Specifically tailored for Northern European climates, Thermomax vacuum tubes allow energy from the sun to be collected efficiently and effectively. They deliver an unrivalled transfer of this energy to heat so that hot water for the pavilion is always readily available. The vacuum inside each tube provides perfect insulation by protecting the system from outside influences, such as cold, wet or windy weather.

Robert Grimsley of Heat Pump Technologies Ltd specified the market-leading solar thermal collectors as part of a wider sustainability brief. He explains: “The council had a specific target to reduce CO2 emissions in the new pavilion and we worked closely with the architects and other consultants to make sure it was very much a Renewables building. As well as solar thermal water heating, it also has an air source heat pump, underfloor heating and rainwater harvesting.

“Having specified Kingspan Solar products in the past, I was confident that Thermomax vacuum tubes were the ideal choice to meet the pavilion’s hot water requirements for the changing rooms as well as the carbon reduction targets set out by the council.”

Thermomax vacuum tubes are both fast and simple to install due to their unique ‘plug and play’ design and are perfect for flexible building integration. In the case of the pavilion, they have been mounted directly onto the roof at the optimum angle, allowing for maximum solar energy collection without being visible from below.

Grimsley continues: “The tubes were specifically chosen to contribute solar-heated water to the building’s pre-heat system to maximise its efficiency. This means water enters the 1,000 litre pre-heat cylinder at around 45C, rather than being heated by the gas system from 5C, which is a costly, energy inefficient process.”

Comments Kingspan Renewables Managing Director Cameron Holroyd: “At Kingspan we are committed to providing top quality renewable hot water solutions for both New Build and refurbishment projects.

“Our state-of-the-art Thermomax vacuum tubes are purpose-designed for fast conductivity and transfer of energy into heat, which means they are up to 30 percent more effective than traditional flat plate panel equivalents. We are delighted that they have been chosen as part of a sustainable sports facility that is less reliant on carbon-based energy and benefits from real cost savings on annual fuel bills.”

Thermomax solar thermal vacuum tube collectors are available as part of a complete solar package solution from Kingspan Renewables. Tailored to deliver top performance and ultimate results, these include the highest level of customer support from initial advice, through to customised design, installation by Kingspan Solar Accredited Installers, final commissioning and technical support.