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tensile canopies

Shelter Store releases range of tensile canopies in time for summer

http://Shelterstore.co.uk, the complete online street furniture store, has released a new range of tensile canopies to celebrate the arrival of summer. The canopies are ideal for shade in all kinds of outdoor seating areas, such as parks, outdoor teaching areas, restaurants and pubs. The different canopies vary in design in order to suit a variety of different tastes and purposes.

At the entry level of the range are the Flare, Eclipse and Star canopies which feature classic ‘sail’ designs and provide extremely cost effective shade coverage. Modules are often linked together to form large arrays or combined with other module designs. The open aspect of the artistic design allows for a free flow of movement that defines space.

98% of harmful UV and UVB rays are blocked by the canopies, which means that the canopies not only protect you from the sun, but also it’s potentially harmful rays. The canopies are made from a light, breathable material allowing air circulation and a refreshing cooling effect in warmer weather. All of the Shelter Store ‘sail canopies’ are available in a variety of natural and contemporary colours and benefit from robust steel poles.

The mid-range canopies, the Sail and Umbrella canopies both feature white, low maintenance, PVC Conical roofs complemented by robust steel posts. These canopies can however, be upgraded from PVC to Silicone Glass roofs which have a ‘life-expectancy’ of up to 30 years.

The Aurora is a contemporary shade, ideal for alfresco dining areas – featuring a distinctively elegant design consisting of curved support poles and a Ferrari 502 and Verseidag Commercial Grade PVC/PES membrane canopy. This versatile canopy can have heaters and lighting fitted to it if necessary. The canopy also benefits from robust, galvanised steel construction with an attractive satin finish.

All Shelter Store tensile canopies are manufactured from sustainably sourced steel, resulting in a significantly reduced carbon footprint for both the products containing it and the businesses that use it.

For more information about Shelter Store, visit http://www.shelterstore.co.uk