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Knauf AMF Ceilings

Knauf AMF Ceilings Acoustic Range is the ONE you need

Knauf AMF Ceilings now offers an enhanced Acoustic Range with the addition of new Thermatex Alpha ONE, Alpha HD and Thermatex Silence ceilings. The Knauf AMF Acoustic Range provides ceiling options that vary from acoustically reflective to highly absorbent, all with the same visual appearance. The extensive range of options provide solutions to meet the most demanding of applications.

Thermatex Alpha ONE is a new wet-felt mineral tile that provides the highest sound absorption values. With a strong white acoustic fleece, it offers a smooth, elegant finish together with excellent physical characteristics.

Independent tests show that Thermatex Alpha ONE offers 100% sound absorption, Class A according to EN ISO 11654. The 24mm thick tile is available with square and recessed edge details. It is ideal for applications where high sound absorption is required and is particularly suitable when only a small surface area is available. Robust and easy to handle, the tiles are 100% recyclable, and can be easily combined with all other products in the AMF Acoustic Range.

Thermatex Alpha HD also offers Class A sound absorption in panel formats up to 1800mm in length. Individual panels feature a special edge detail that has an elegant concealed joint. They are lightweight and 100% recyclable, with a choice of concealed and semi-concealed grid options.

New Thermatex Silence provides a combination of high sound absorption to control reverberation and high sound attenuation (up to 44dB) to reduce unwanted noise. The composite structure of dual density Thermatex boards serves to create good acoustics with a high level of robustness. The acoustic tissue face gives it the same white, uniform appearance as the entire AMF Acoustic Range.

Thermatex Silence is particularly suited to open plan office environments, and other areas with a common ceiling void, where it can significantly reduce the amount of unwanted noise entering adjoining rooms. Thanks to their increased density, the tiles also have very low air permeability meaning the surface stays dust-free and cleaner for longer.

The Thermatex Acoustic Range combines a variety of aesthetic, creative and acoustic properties in one ceiling range. All the different ceiling types have an identical smooth white appearance, providing the flexibility to change the acoustic performance of a space without compromising the visual appearance.