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Look again… this is single ply membrane at its innovative best

Unique design wins prestigious roofing award

Brighton’s Metropole Hotel was the venue for the NFRC’s prestigious annual awards event. Single ply membrane manufacturer Renolit alongside Ilkeston based contractor, Advanced Roof & Wall, were voted outright winners in the Flat Roofing / Single Ply category for the technical competence jointly contributed to the the £21m Pods and Central Park funded by North Lincolnshire Council, Yorkshire Forward and Sport England.

The irony of  the category was not lost on TV personality Penny Smith who presented the Renolit and Advanced team with their award, noting that this unique five domed design is anything but flat; comprising of five pods finished in a range of materials, collectively contributing to the development’s remit to blend into the park landscape.

Each dome is waterproofed using the Renolit ALKORPLAN system and whilst the complex is thought to be the UK’s largest timber-built geodesic project, it also demonstrates possibly the most adventurous and innovative use of single ply membrane ever seen in the UK.

Renolit’s ALKORPLAN membrane was chosen for its light and versatile properties, ease of installation and enviable reputation for reliability; the  system is arguably mainland Europe’s most specified single ply waterproofing membrane.

The individual pod diameters extend from 20 up to 50 metres, with the largest covering an area close to 2000 square metres. The Renolit ALKORPLAN system has been deployed as a waterproof foundation beneath two cedar shingle covered domes, one sedum green roofed dome and an aluminium cladded dome. On the final dome, it has also been utilised in its own right combining with Renolit’s ALKORDESIGN profile to create an attractive geometric pattern.

Paul Young, Director S&P Architects said

“We called Renolit to review our options on waterproof coverings, they were able to provide solutions that would complement the innovative design. Understanding the sensitivity of the detailing to achieve the ‘skin’ was paramount to our requirements. This was achieved using a combination of their membranes. The result is a stunning building that is unique to this type of building. S&P are delighted that the result achieved the intent of Andrew Wrights competition winning design.”

Project Information

Dome 1: Sportshall


Calandered / laminated flexible fleecebacked membrane which has been combined with the ALKORDESIGN profile providing geometric aesthetic detailing, creating an attractive geometric design.

Dome 2: Swimming pool


Calandered / laminated flexible fleecebacked PVC, reinforced with glass fibre. The membrane has been installed with ALKORPLUS metal sheet retaining profiles beneath a green roof sedum cover.

Dome 3 and 4: Second Pool, changing rooms and cafeteria


Calandered / laminated membrane of flexible PVC with woven polyester reinforcing.

The membrane has been overlaid with ALKORSOLAR profile supporting counter-batten beneath individually laid cedar shingle tiles.

Dome 5: Leisure centre entrance


Calandered / laminated membrane of flexible PVC with woven polyester reinforcing.

The membrane has been combined with ALKORSOLAR profile to support glazed aluminium sheeting.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN: Membrane Properties

• Calendered / laminated membrane of flexible PVC.

• Conforms to UEAtc guidelines – independently tested

• Used as waterproofing membrane for newbuild and refurb projects

• Suitable substrates are metal deck, timber and concrete

Product Benefits

• Most specified membrane in mainland Europe since 1972

• Fire retardant membrane: BRE A tested

• BBA Certificate with a lifespan in excess of 35 years.

• BREEAM A Plus rating. The highest possible within the Green guide.

• Light weight, reduces the weight and cost of substructure.

• Wide colour range: metallics, ALKORBRIGHT white & corporate matching

• Limited maintenance with uncomplicated product warranties

• The product is recyclable, returning to the production process

• Unique ALKORSOLAR PV and thermal installation system


The Pods a Central Park is the UK’s largest timber-built geodesic projectrenolit

The different application of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN on each dome was awarded first place at the NFRC roofing awards, 2011


Two of the Pods are finished with individually laid shingle tiles


The entrance Pod showing membrane and profile, prior to being finished with glass and aluminium


Insulation being installed at pitches of up to 40 degrees


Nearing completion



Members of the Renolit and Advanced team and architects are awarde first place by TV presenter Penny Smith

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