Specifier Review
Evelyn Grace Academy

Schueco Curtain Walling Defines Evelyn Grace Academy

Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton, south London, the first completed project in England by award-winning architect Zaha Hadid, is a visually stunning building which includes large areas of insulated curtain-walling, rain-screen cladding and window systems from leading building envelope and solar products specialist, Schueco UK Limited.

Commissioned by ARK Schools and completed in October 2010 by main contractor Mace, the academy has been designed as two schools, Evelyn and Grace, each subdivided into a Middle and Upper School. The result is that the 1200 students are split into four manageable groups of around 300, each with a distinct identity. While the layout of the building reflects this arrangement, all the separate internal spaces have been equipped with high levels of natural light and ventilation to encourage learning.

In this context, the creative use of glazing is obviously crucial and the Schueco systems are to be found at all levels, lighting stairwells and walkways as well as classrooms, staff-rooms and informal work-spaces. The systems – installed by specialist contractor McMullen Architectural – comprise Schueco FW 60+ capped curtain-walling, FW 60 SG façades and AWS 102 SG windows, all delivering the low ‘U’ values necessary for the building to meet the stringent energy-saving requirements of Part L.

Evelyn Grace Academy has attracted much favourable press comment since its opening last autumn and is being seen by many as an important part of a regeneration process that aims to use improved educational opportunities to lift the living standards and life-prospects of the whole local community.

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