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New Cova Gate Gains PAS Accreditation

New Cova Gate Gains PAS Accreditation

Cova Security Gates’ newly introduced CSG10140 Sliding Cantilevered Gate has successfully passed the PAS68:2010 Vehicle Impact Test – 7.5 tonne vehicle at 40mph – under the TRL’s strict conditions and watchful eye.

The CSG10140, designed to provide discreet vehicle mitigation for critical infrastructure and protect high security sites, repelling ram-raiders or rioters, maintains the outward appearance of an equivalent non crash tested product.

Constructed from standard steel sections and due to its unique patented internal arrestor device, this gate can also be considered a low cost option, utilizing standard off the shelf automation. Without the challenging main entrance aesthetics of many PAS68 compliant products currently available, the CSG10140 is capable of blending seamlessly with any building or site perimeter line.


After extensive R&D, this innovative new product achieved a PAS68:2010 accreditation (Sliding gate V/7500[N2]/64/90:2/0) restraining and immobilizing the test vehicle with 2m penetration and no dispersal of major debris.  Requiring an installation depth of only 400mm, this gate is ideally suited to shallow and/or utility-congested substructure.

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