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Cavity Trays Production Uses Photovoltaic Panel Power

Cavity Trays Production Uses Photovoltaic Panel Power

Cavity Trays of Yeovil, the only cavity tray manufacturer awarded European Technical Approval has switched on to a new power source, following the installation on its factory roof of photovoltaic panels.

The panels generate enough electricity in average conditions to supply the production lines in the main factory and despatch unit. A spokesperson for the Company commented: ‘Solar power has been identified as a safe renewable energy source that makes no noise and emits no pollutants. Unlike the fossil fuels oil and coal, the burning of which contribute to global warming, solar photovoltaic panels require only free energy from the sun. This initiative is just one part of our ‘go greener’ programme that has already seen insulation levels increased around our buildings and glazed areas upgraded. The use of conventional heat and light power sources will fall each year as further parts of our ‘go greener’ programme are introduced’.

The benefit of Cavity Trays programme does not affect just its premise. Importantly it affects its customers. Solar power has enabled the Company to review its pricing structure, sand take into consideration the projected savings of solar power. The impact from raw material price increases that has been affecting all products has been minimised. ‘Every little helps and at all times we endeavour to provide the best products at the best rates’ commented the spokesperson.

One aspect at Cavity Trays of Yeovil remains unaltered however. Its unique cavitray protection undertaking. At no additional charge a performance warranty accompanies its products for the benefit of Architect, Builder and Client. Protection from the longest-established specialist in its field.