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Customised Cladding from Osmo

Customised Cladding from Osmo




As refurbishment continues to remain strong in the residential market, contractors are experiencing requests for the use of different materials which will offer a bespoke finish. Wood cladding is fast becoming a highly sought after material for external coverings. As this trend continues, OsmoUK, the wood and finishes expert, offers its quality wood cladding range, which provides a natural and attractive finish to a property.

Osmo’s range of ready to install, custom made external cladding can be tailored to each individual’s desire. This style of cladding is a popular choice for many homeowners as it is simple to install. Osmo’s range offers a choice of profiles, wood species, colours and the finish – all of which allow for that personalised and unique touch.

“Our range of cladding is of a high quality and ticks all the boxes of what homeowners are looking for” says Steve Grimwood, Managing Director of OsmoUK. “Our expertise within the wood and finishes industry allows us to fully understand the material and what best suits a cladding installation. Being able to offer such a wide selection of colours and finishes, we are able to have a suitable product for every installation.”

Pre-finished profiles are available in almost any imaginable colour. For those wanting a more natural look, brilliant transparent finishes, and clear colour tones are available, allowing the woods natural individual features to shine through. Osmo guarantees its transparent and opaque finishes for 12 years. The finish protects the cladding from weathering so that it does not crack, flake, peel or blister.

Osmo’s cladding has been designed so that installation is simple with tongue and groove connection. This allows any home to be transformed quickly with little disturbance. Incorporating a ‘drop edge’, water than runs down the cladding will be channelled away from the profile, maintaining the products integrity. Osmo offers custom made

For more information on the various cladding products and finishes, additional guidance or any other information on Osmo and its environmentally friendly products, please visit www.osmouk.com, where full brochures can be downloaded for cladding and other product ranges. Alternatively please call Osmo UK directly on 01296 481220 or email info@osmouk.com.