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Flat roof building services supports

Flat roof building services supports

Roof-Pro’s support systems are designed to facilitate flexible and efficient installation of a wide variety of roof-top mounted services. The objectives are to protect the waterproofing integrity and provide future maintenance access. The primary function of the “flat roof” is waterproofing, no compromise, a “plant deck” is secondary benefit.

From small pipes to 36 tone fans, a co-ordinated off-site-fabrication that eliminates on site supports design, forming and waterproofing upstands which reduces co-ordination of several trades and quicker installation times.

The critical design criteria are: load management, stability and future waterproofing access. This criterion is encompassed in Roof-Pro 3.point certification to ensure the build team delivers on the design objectives:-

1) Stability – 2) Load management – 3) Building clearance – layout


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