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Lo-fi inspiration meets hi-fi carpet

Lo-fi inspiration meets hi-fi carpet

Lo-fi inspiration meets hi-fi carpet in Southern AnalogTM, the latest collection from Milliken.


In a Milliken sponsored art project,a group of students from Callaway High School in the south eastern United States of America were asked to use lo-fi disposable cameras to describe their home environment. The equipment required faith, imagination and an openness to happy accidents that has been virtually forgotten in an age of digital perfection.The resulting images, with their perfect imperfections of low rent technology, provide the inspiration for the patterns of Southern Analog.Overhead telegraph wires and the angular lines of the built environment deliver the linear effects of the collection, galvanised by textures inspired by the granular quality and optical effects of analog images.

Featuring two designs, Southern Analog blurs the lines between utility and drama, inspiring designers to experiment with different layout combinations. The variegated linear elements of Panoramic create a feeling of rhythm and progression, while optical effects such as sun flares and ripples on still water create the mirage like structure of Viewfinder. The two patterns can be organically combined, or used solo to let the beauty of a classic installation shine through. The collection’s eight-strong colour palette draws upon architectural environments and materials, adding neutral tones inspired by the dust, scratches and speckles of aged photographic prints.

Southern Analog harnesses the benefits of 100% recycled AquafilEconyl constructed from a blend of post-industrial and post-consumer content, offering strength and lifecycle comparable to virgin polymer, but reducing consumption and waste. Combined with 85% recycled polyurethane cushion backing and 90% recycled primary backing, Southern Analog has a total recycled content by product weight of 30%.

“Southern Analog ticks all the boxes, offering designers a stylish product with an intriguing inspirational back story and solid environmental credentials,” comments Alison Kitchingman, marketing communications director. “Southern Analog is manufactured in the UK and can be producedwith TractionBack®, Milliken’s high-friction installation system that eliminates the use of adhesives to promote healthier and cleaner indoor air quality.”

For further information contact Milliken on 01942 612888 or visit www.millikencarpet.com