A perspective on the re-launched American Softwoods promotion campaign from program director, Charles Trevor.


American Softwoods is adopting a pro-active approach to wood promotion in Europe and further afield. We have re-launched and refocused the American Softwoods brand to make sure the industry is fully aware of the advantages, opportunities and benefits of species such as Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas fir and hemlock in a wide range of applications, both commercial and domestic. We are encouraging the use of American softwoods for internal and external projects and we are working with the timber industry, providing technical information and assistance to develop the market for these under-used species. New information and technical guidance has been produced in the form of four new brochures focusing on the environmental credentials of Southern Yellow Pine, Profiles, Decks and pressure treated wood, which are available in PDF format at www.southernpineglobal.com.

American Softwoods was one of the first organisations to confirm their support for Timber Expo in Coventry in September, and has worked with the Timber Decking and Cladding Association to mount two seminars for the timber industry this autumn. A series of advertisements has also been created, focusing on low carbon, low impact and naturally renewable key messages, and a brand new web site has now been launched at www.americansoftwoods.com.

The highlight of activity in the UK was at Timber Expo, a new timber-focused exhibition in the UK taking place in September. Eight SFPA and SEC members participated at the show and used their time to meet with buyers and UK importers to help develop their business and the wider market. Timber Expo saw the first use of our new purpose-built exhibition stand which incorporates a Southern Yellow Pine deck and samples of all the main US softwood species.



American Softwoods is also supporting the UK’s Wood Awards, a long-standing and well respected architectural competition recognising the excellence of wood in new commercial and private buildings. Raising the profile within the architectural community through the Wood Awards gives American Softwoods a platform for its message.

Contact Charles Trevor at info@americansoftwoods.com or +44 (0)20 8444 0885.

American Softwoods

American Softwoods is a promotional partnership formed by three major U.S. softwood trade associations, the Southern Forest Products Association, the Softwood Export Council, and APA – the Engineered Wood Association. The campaign encourages use of American softwoods for both internal and external projects and increase awareness of its commercially available species. AMSO also works with the timber industry, providing technical information and assistance to develop the market for American softwoods.

Renowned for their strength, flexibility, versatility and beauty, American softwoods have been exported for almost 200 years. Harvested from sustainably managed forests in the USA, the success of forest management and conservation in the USA means that forested land is now greater than it was 75 years ago, and is increasing year on year.

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