Specifier Review

Solar powered solution from Sunbell

Technology applied to sun protection

Sunbell Italy’s leading designers of interstitial blinds, has introduced an external solar photovoltaic option for their range of battery powered blinds.


The solar panel is designed to improve the performance of the battery by extending to up to six months the period between recharging.


Sunbell has also launched a ‘Remote’ control option allowing the user to control up to 12 blinds individually or as a group.


Sunbell blinds are powered by a low-voltage motorised system with control technology that varies from the simple ‘up and down’ rechargeable battery unit with optional solar cell, to more sophisticated ‘hard wired’ options with remote activation for up to 12 blinds.  


For manual control Sunbell offers a simple tilt only solution operated by a rotating knob linked by a steel cable allowing complete privacy without the need for cords or magnets.


Blinds are designed toprovide enhanced privacy, low maintenance and a reduction in sound intrusion and solar glare. Designed for all types of windows, doors and glass partitions, the Sunbell range includes a choice of stylish aluminum and fabric finishes including total blackout options.

Sealed from dirt, dust and moisture, integral blinds are a hygienic and safe solution; by controlling the diffusion of natural light, they can help to reduce the effect of direct sunlight and heat loss, offering protection from overheating in the summer and thermal insulation in the winter.


Sunbell interstitial blinds are the perfect glazing choice for residential, medical, educational and commercial buildings.


For more details please call 01245 422489, email: info@sunbell.co.uk or visit http://www.sunbell.it/