Specifier Review


Critics of living wall systems who claim that living walls are too vulnerable and are not truly sustainable are wrong, says Sean Farrell of Mobilane. The comment comes as Mobilane celebrates six years without a single failure for its WallPlanter system across Europe, which was launched in 2005.


The market for living walls is relatively new, yet has suffered negative publicity due to the failure of a few high profile examples. However, criticism fails to take into account the development of successful systems which are robust, efficient and sustainable and which are supported by warrantees and maintenance packages.

One of the highest profile WallPlanter living wall system thrives at the O2 arena in London. The wall, which is one of the biggest in the country, was installed in January 2007 and is a verdant testament to the viability of well designed and maintained living walls. To date, none of the plants have needed to be replaced.

Mobilane recently introduced the LivePanel modular system, which has been developed with a view to ensuring a lightweight construction suitable for all buildings, together with an environment and substrate in which plants can thrive. LivePanel presents the market with the most flexible system for decorating exterior or interior walls with a wide range of plants. LivePanel consists of individual sections which are fixed to the wall or building using a lightweight aluminium frame. These sections can be cut to any shape or size, making them extremely flexible and suited to a wide range of applications.