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Balcony Systems launches BalcoNano® DIY self-cleaning glass solution

Balcony Systems, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of glass balustrading, Juliet balconies and curved sliding patio doors, has launched its new BalcoNano® self-application coating process that transforms ordinary glass into self-cleaning glass.

BalcoNano® is a hard, durable protective coating that covers the pitted surface of glass and other ceramic or silica based surfaces, making it smooth and water-repellent. Dirt and other deposits cannot cling to the glass surface and either wash away easily or are simply cleaned with water and a cloth, without the need to use harsh chemical cleaners.

Available in an easy-to-apply ‘wet wipe’ sachet packaging for easy storage and use, BalcoNano® is to glass like Teflon® is to your frying pan.

For more details, check out www.balconano.com or contact Balcony on 01342 410411, email enquiries@balconette.co.uk.