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Rock-solid Sustainability from Rockfon – Planet, people and prosperity

Rockfon is the leading supplier of stone wool acoustic ceiling solutions and is a subsidiary of Rockwool International, the world’s largest producer of stone wool, with over 70 years experience. Rockfon believes that building a truly sustainable future requires a balanced approach to the environment, the wellbeing of people and economic prosperity.



Every year, volcanic activity and plate tectonics create large reserves of diabase rock, the primary raw material used in Rockfon stone wool products. Approximately 38,000 times more rock is produced than Rockfon and Rockwool use, making it a renewable resource.


Rockfon constantly monitors its manufacturing processes to drive improvements in energy efficiency, water consumption, diversion from landfill and up-cycling of industrial waste. All factories that supply the UK market are ISO 14001 certified.



Rockfon products also offer great recycling potential thanks to the stone wool production process, which resembles a ‘tamed volcano’. Rockwool stone wool is produced by melting raw materials at temperatures in excess of 1500°C. At these temperatures, organic waste is completely incinerated and can even provide a valuable alternative energy source to traditional coke or electricity. Today 95% of Rockwool and Rockfon production waste is either recycled internally or sold on to other industries as a raw material.


Rockfon products contain up to 84% recycled and renewable content, and are fully recyclable at the end of their life. Rockfon’s recycling is up-cycling, as waste products are processed into new fibres having exactly the same qualities as those made from new or virgin materials.



Rockfon understands that a healthy indoor environment is vital to people’s wellbeing, especially considering we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. Noise and lighting can be key factors in contributing to a pleasant environment and Rockfon has developed products that offer high levels of acoustic comfort through sound absorption, alongside specific solutions that provide excellent sound insulation. The unobtrusive matte white surface of a Rockfon ceiling is highly reflective (85-87%), making effective use of available light to provide a uniform spread. This improves the overall lighting in the workplace, which can help to reduce eye strain and  fatigue.


Fireproof stone wool is the basis of all Rockfon ceiling products, most of which are rated A1, the highest safety classification. In the event of a fire, they do not burn, melt or create significant smoke giving occupants more time to leave the building, improving overall fire safety and limiting building damage.


Another unseen benefit is the improvement in indoor air quality. Even when installed in a fully furnished room with little fresh air, the concentrations of VOCs and other potentially harmful emissions are well below acceptable levels, as shown by the independent certifications attributed to Rockfon tiles. 



Every building is different in terms of its design and purpose. Rockfon solutions enable specifiers to realise their vision with a ceiling that boosts the productivity of occupants and delivers cost-effectiveness to the building owner. Rockfon products have a high thermal insulation value and can contribute to the reduction of energy consumption in some applications. Innovative and versatile solutions such as islands and baffles contribute to thermal mass buildings by allowing free movement of air and are easy to install and maintain. 


To discover more about Rockfon’s commitment to sustainability or to view the independent certifications, visit the new Sustainability Hub at: http://www.rockfon.co.uk/hub/sustainability.

For product information call: 0800 389 0314 or email us on info@rockfon.co.uk.  Website: www.rockfon.co.uk