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Climate change minister urged to rethink cladding solution

Cladding eight million homes with up to 8in of insulation to cut greenhouse gas emissions is an inappropriate one size fits all approach which needs rethinking that’s according to Sean Farrell of living walls and green screens company Mobilane.


Farell Says “While applying an insulating cladding to houses will save householders money on their energy bills the long term impact will seriously affect the visual heritage of our nation with brick facades and period features at risk of being destroyed.

“We need a multifaceted approach to tackling green house gas emissions in suburban areas as not all the techniques we have available suit the demands of the landscape and the building.  Introducing green screens and living walls are proven to improve air quality by removing carbon dioxide and particulate pollutants in the atmosphere.  They also aid energy efficiency, for example we have independent tests that show buildings with ivy covered walls require 23% less energy to maintain an internal temperature when covered with snow than a building that is traditionally clad.

“While I commend Greg Barker and his commitment to implementing the green deal I do think that more consultation with the industry is required if we are to find workable and practical solutions to address green house gas emissions.”

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