Specifier Review

New Tough Septic Tanks – Designed with Builders in Mind

Klargester, the UKs leading brand of off-mains drainage solutions, has launched the Beta Plus septic tank a uniquely shaped tank made of tough, rugged roto-moulded polyethylene making it far more suited to the rigours of storage, transportation, and installation. And its built-in lifting points are designed to make offloading much easier.

The new lower-profile shape means less excavation, and a shallower dig and concrete backfill on wet sites.  They are also great for rocky strata conditions.  And for added safety, they have crossed batons through the neck to prevent children or pets falling into the tank.


Furthermore, because polyethylene is a plastic derivative, the Klargester Beta Plus is potentially recyclable and therefore ‘greener’ than other septic tanks.

Klargester’s Alpha GRP septic tanks are tough, but like all GRP tanks they do require careful handling particularly on site and during transportation, says Kevin Roe, GB Sales Director for Klargester. 

Moreover, the design of septic tanks has barely changed in 40 years: the Beta Plus is therefore a significant step forward on both fronts.

In essence, if you are looking for a lower profile septic tank in a robust material that doesnt need to be sunk deep in the earth and won’t get damaged by a stray garden fork, spade or mechanical digger, you need look no further.

He continues:  We would always recommend treatment plants as the first option for private sewage arrangements, because of their greater effectiveness in treating the sewage.  

Despite their popularity, septic tanks are not a cure-all and in many areas they should not be installed at all.  But we recognise there is still a demand for them and have worked hard to provide a modern, improved product for our customers.

Klargester’s expert team can help with questions: email info@klargester.com , call 0845 8732333, or visit www.klargester.com