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Market leading interiors manufacturer SAS International launches new fully glazed partitioning system

Complementing SAS International’s range of market leading interior fit-out products, the company has launched its new System 8000 fully-glazed, frameless partitioning system which combines aesthetics with outstanding acoustic, fire and structural performance.


Offering design flexibility System 8000 is available in traditional single and double glazing along with a new 50mm wide narrow gauge double glazing detail.  A range of head and base details provides specifiers with an endless array of options to meet differing project requirements.

Meeting the rigorous demands of large open plan spaces, a range of deflection heads, providing +25mm deflection are available with the new System 8000 partitioning system, along with SAS International’s unique C-Joint which creates the appearance of butt jointed glass without using silicone.

System 8000 integrates seamlessly with SAS International drywall components and suspended ceiling systems enabling glass and solid elevations to be combined effortlessly. This partitioning system provides up to 49dB acoustic performance, up to 60 minutes fire performance and severe structural performance.

Malcolm Stamper, Marketing Manager at SAS International, commented: “The new System 8000 marks our continued investment in integrating specification-led interior products that enable architectural vision to be realised.”

SAS International has over 40 years’ experience as a British manufacturer of interior fit-out products driven by delivering quality, innovation and providing maximum value to clients and specifiers worldwide.   

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