Specifier Review


The new acoustic BLADE range from Spectral is a combined luminaire and acoustic panel for the modern office or educational buildings with concrete interiors. The suspended fittings provides effective acoustic management of generated sound while also making a significant contribution to ambient thermal management where it can achieve a cooling capacity reduction of approximately 3%. The high performance panels from Spectral also offer a striking visual alternative to traditional horizontal acoustic boards.


The recent architectural trend for using bare concrete interiors has created a need for effective acoustic treatments to deal with the increased noise levels generated. Blade is manufactured in conjunction with GfAG in Germany and combines a high performance acoustic panel and luminaire in a range of output choices for T5 lamps with new LED options currently in development.

“While the trend for stripped back interiors has allowed interior designers more creative expression, it has come at a cost,” says Mike Attard, MD of RIDI Lighting. “Many of these buildings are high-occupancy spaces which generate significant noise levels which in turn has an impact on the concentration and productivity of individuals. Blade is a stylish lighting and acoustic solution that is able to reduce noise levels while being an effective light source. Rather than detracting from the interior they add a new design dimension, which is not offered by any other comparative acoustic board solution.”

Available in a range of RAL colours and finishes, BLADE is manufactured from a sound reflective material that will complement all types of interior design. The fitting is easily installed and comes with a suspension kit to allow custom configuration to suit each building and lighting scheme.  The luminaire version blends in seamlessly with the matching acoustic panels and removes any concerns of shadowing in the lighting design.

A typical arrangement of Spectral blades will include one luminarie version in every four runs. This arrangement will achieve both the thermal management and acoustic properties of the design, as well as providing ample light to the desired area.

Wattage & Dimensions:

Light                            Length             Width              Height

14/24Watts                    600mm              40mm                100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 600mm

21/39Watts                    1.000mm

28/54Watts                    1.200mm

35/49Watts                    1.500mm

LED                              1.000mm