Specifier Review

Unique and Sustainable Paving System for WS Atkins

Global design and engineering consultants, WS Atkins are benefitting from a sustainable SUDS-compliant porous paving system as part of a refurbishment of their headquarters in Epsom, Surrey. SUDSCAPE is a revolutionary hard landscaping system that is comprised of a base layer of recycled car tyres, and a top layer of UV stable resin mixed with a stone finish. It has been installed on over 600 sq. metres of ground within a court yard that links an original building with a new building that will be used to house administration facilities.

A key consideration for the project was the ability of the SUDSCAPE system to provide a specific surface colour that would effortlessly harmonise the new building with those already in existence. The system’s low maintenance guarantee was also considered important. SUDSCAPE does not require any special cleaning technique, and because rainwater is effectively held within the base layer of recycled car tyres until it is naturally absorbed back into the water table, it eliminates the risk of puddle formation.

The installation process was also speedy, taking just 12 days from start to finish, including colour matching the surface to perfectly complement its surroundings.

Peter Andrews of WS Atkins comments: “We were very pleased with the efficiency of the installation process, and the overall aesthetics of the system. It has definitely enabled our new building project to blend in seamlessly with other buildings and that was our main aim. The fact that SUDSCAPE is also SUDS compliant and totally sustainable, being made from recycled car tyres, means that we have also minimised our carbon footprint and that’s an added bonus.”