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Silent Solution from Xpelair

Silent Solution from Xpelair

The PassivX stack vent system from Xpelair Ventilation Solutions has been designed to be one of the most cost effective, sustainable and silent ventilation systems on the market. 


Utilising the natural airflow of a building and the latest technology in ventilation, the PassivX works as a stand-alone ventilation solution or can be expanded by adding fans and heating/cooling coils to create a mixed-mode ventilation system. 

Conforming to Building Regulations Part F2 and Part L2, PassivX natural ventilation is the ideal choice for specifiers as the system can unlock a potential 40% saving in energy costs for commercial buildings compared to traditional mechanical systems.

Natural ventilation is an excellent choice for schools due to its sustainability, energy efficiency and cost effective credentials. PassivX exceeds the requirements of the Building Bulletin regulations 93 and 101, which detail the optimal design regulations of Building Schools for the Future.

The system also has class leading airflow performance at only 1Pa pressure differential and one of the highest acoustic performances of any system on the market, due to its low profile roof terminals. This ensures pupils and staff can get on with their work undisturbed. 

Steve Mongan, Head of Marketing at Xpelair, comments: “The PassivX ventilation system is the latest in Xpelair’s range of natural ventilation solutions. It satisfies the criteria outlined in BB 101 ensuring school CO2 levels are kept low and classrooms are kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

“Natural ventilation systems such as the PassivX help reduce energy costs and carbon emissions through its wind-assisted mode, increasing the sustainability credentials of a building and creating a much more productive environment, making it ideal for the school and commercial sectors.”

For more information on Xpelair and its extensive range of domestic, commercial and industrial ventilation solutions visit www.xpelair.co.uk or call 0844 372 7750.