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Axter General Fix®

Axter General Fix®

Unique, non-penetrating anchoring device for PV amorphous modules,crystalline panels and other roof mounted equipment


Axter’s new GENERAL FIX® lightweight fastening system secures roof mounted equipment such as PV amorphous ‘thin film’ modules, crystalline panels and other plant, without penetrating the waterproofing system or compromising the structural integrity of the building.

GENERAL FIX® applies the VELCRO® hook and loop fastening principle and tolerates heavy-duty stress in a few square centimetres. It is easy to install and is designed to anchor all types of plant securely without ballast on retro-fit and new build projects. GENERAL FIX® eliminates the need for expensive, heavy array support systems and allows easy removal of the plant for maintenance.


Through early involvement in a project, Axter’s technical experts promote through innovative design and materials the importance of health and safety and the reduction of build and lifetime maintenance costs. To assists designers, a bespoke specification and drawing service is offered, backed by independent site inspections and long-term guarantees.

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