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Vicaima launch new Makassar Collection for real refinement

Vicaima launch new Makassar Collection for real refinement

When it comes to luxurious refinement, interior doors from Vicaima’s new Makassar Collection would be hard to improve upon, creating the ideal contemporary experience for sumptuous living space.

Vicaima’s creatively driven, vibrant and stimulating approach to door design sets them apart from the crowd and this is self evident with the new Makassar Collection.

The Makassar Collection has a distinct aesthetic, combining the warm tones of real ebony veneer with hand crafted golden detailing, intersecting striking geometric shapes. Makassar doors have a unique layered surface which creates added interest as light plays on its multiple surfaces.  Comprising 6 distinctive models, each one has been imbued with a dramatic and luxurious persona, enhancing the natural beauty of its grain configuration with meticulous attention to detail, creating individual and innovative designs.

Makassar is part of the Vicaima Haute Couture brand, which alongside the Black & White Collection represents the pinnacle of its supreme styling and design expertise as one of Europe’s largest and most respected interior door manufacturers

Further details of the Makassar range can be found in a new brochure available on request from the Vicaima team, just call 01793 532333 to obtain your copy.  Alternatively further information about the Makassar Collection or other Vicaima ranges can be obtained by emailing info@vicaima.com or visiting www.vicaima.com