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Closed doors help education

Closed doors help education

Powermatic , the controlled, concealed door closer from Samuel Heath and Sons plc is gaining favour with increasing numbers of educational establishments across the country, thanks to the many benefits that the closer’s concealment offers.

From the point of view of aesthetics, being totally concealed when the door is closed, Powermatic  will not have a detrimental effect on the appearance of the door or overall interior, but it is the less obvious, hidden benefits of concealment that are proving popular with specifiers as well as project and facilities managers throughout the education sector.

The potential for door controls to be vandalised can pose a very real risk to the safety of a building’s occupants, particularly where fire doors are concerned. Powermatic’s concealed nature presents very little opportunity for the would-be vandal, or prankster, to damage its mechanisms and render the door useless in case of fire.

In addition, total concealment and the fact that Powermatic can be installed towards the bottom of the door jamb also mean that the closer offers a useful solution in anti-ligature situations, further enhancing the product’s safety credentials.

Professionals responsible for the management and development of buildings in the education sector are also recognising the many other benefits that make Powermaticsuitable for a wide variety of applications, These include fire performance, durability and accessibility, together with maintenance free service and a manufacturer’s 10-year guarantee, all of which make it an ideal choice for schools, colleges and universities.


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