A new housing association in Kings Somborne, Hampshire, has been given the A+ treatment with Cembrit’s Westerland slates. Over 3,800 of the blue/black slates were used on a new housing development, Lancaster Green, which features a mixture of 21 dwellings from one bed to four bed properties.



The beautiful development has stunning panoramic views across the countryside and provides much needed affordable housing for the village. Cembrit’s Westerland, A+ rated slates, were used alongside natural clay tiles, to give the properties a smooth roof surface and authentic dressed edges, providing them a polished and elegant aesthetic. Hampshire based contractor Drew Smith Ltd, was in charge of the development and chose Cembrit slate, due to using them previously and being impressed with the high quality of the products.


“We often choose Cembrit fibre cement products over other brands”, says Simon Mason, Technical Manager at Drew Smith Ltd. “We believe that the Cembrit slate has a superior quality, particularly the dressed edge product. The fact that the fibre cement slates have also been awarded an A+ rating is brilliant and they offer a good balance between the cost and look.”


Mason adds; “Each of the homes also include solar panels, installed to boost its energy efficiency. The solar panels blend seamlessly with the slate making Westerland our preferred option. The project has provided essential housing within the Test Valley conservation area. This was made possible through the Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing (HARAH) scheme. This scheme enables community based housing to be built within rural areas.


Westerland slate is a good alternative to natural slate as it has a similar appearance. Its attractive riven surface and natural dressed edges make it an ideal solution for situations where a traditional appearance is important. It is manufactured to the highest European standards and is lightweight, pre-holed, suitable for all types of projects. The slate is easy to handle and install, it is durable and offers an economic alternative to natural roofing materials.


For further information visit www.cembrit.co.uk, or email sales@cembrit.co.uk

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