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The Finishing Touch

The Finishing Touch

Steve Grimwood, Managing Director at Osmo UK 


Wood is a beautiful material to use for flooring in a home. Not only is it a natural product that oozes with characteristic charm, but with routine maintenance and suitable finishes, it can last a lifetime.


When the decision is taken to have a wooden floor laid at home, it is more than often due to the transformation it will provide to a room.  Its appearance is one that no other material can compete with – the look doesn’t go out of fashion, if anything, it holds its appeal for many years.


Essentially, a well looked after and finished floor will appear more aesthetically pleasing for a great deal longer than flooring that hasn’t.


 Floor Finishes and Protection

When a wooden floor has been laid, it is essential that a finish is applied to the material.  There are a number of different finishes available, all offering a benefit. Some finishes general purpose is to protect the wood, increasing the repellence and the durability, whilst other finishes main function is to change or enhance the flooring’s appearance, such as a colour tint, or a varnish.


As wood flooring is a long-term solution, as well as an important centrepiece to the home, considering the protection is an absolutely essential part of installation. Everyday life will generally take its toll, just as it would on all other fixtures, fittings, and furniture in use. Using products such as a protective oil, wax or a protector will help increase the durability of the floor.  In rooms which witness a lot of activity, it is even more essential for finishes to be applied, ideally with a hard wearing solution. It will not only protect the surface of the wood, but if a high quality product is specified, it will retain the breathability of the surface, allowing for moisture levels to balance naturally, reducing the chances of warping and shrinkage, but will also prevent the finish from cracking, peeling or blistering under use.


It is also important to take into account which room the wood is being installed in.  For example, when laying wooden flooring into the kitchen or bathroom, where increased dampness of the air is likely as well as increased chance of liquid spillages, extra precautions are necessary. A product such as Osmo’s Wood Protector has increased water repellence in comparison to other finishes. A good quality oil treatment is the ideal solution, as it will not only allow you to create the visual appearance that you wish for, but it too will coat the flooring to will allows spillages and dirt to be easily rectified, without ruining the flooring.


Using Colour

The idea of colour finishing wood is the perfect way to update an area, removing costly alternatives, and the hassle of completely changing the flooring. With fashions and personal tastes constantly changing, wood flooring can often become out-of-date or appear to be in a bad condition quite quickly. This method of ‘reviving’ flooring presents a fresh approach to decorating, allowing for a ‘new’ room to be achieved.


Updating wooden flooring with colour is a quick and effective way of sprucing up a room. With the use of a quality product developed for use on flooring, a fantastic result can be achieved. A wide variety of colours and tints designed for flooring are available, and can help to make dramatic transformations to rooms, or simply help compliment a more subtle look.


Correcting cracks

It is sometimes impossible to prevent abrasions appearing on wooden floors.  Often in a very noticeable place, it is extremely disappointing to have to live with unsightly marks.  However, there are some products on the market which simply remove the abrasion and achieve a floor which has an ‘as-new’ appearance.


A natural wooden floor will, of course, sustain its fair share of knocks, scrapes and good old-fashioned wear.  Indeed, it is almost impossible to prevent wooden floors from getting marked by the day-to-day battering of a busy family life in a home.  Products such as Osmo’s Wood Filler is a multi-purpose, easy to use, fast drying solution which is used on interior floors to remove scratches and dents in the wood.


 These products also act as an edge filler, wood putty, crack filler and sanding sealer, eliminating the need for several different products.  It offers excellent quality, has an unlimited lifespan and is great value for money. 


Osmo’s Wood Filler is available in fourteen different colours and designed to be used across a wide range of wood surfaces, there is no reason for inconsistency of colour on the floor.  It can even be mixed with any suitable tint or stain to achieve a custom colour. 


Wooden floor is an investment.  It is a fantastic looking surface, one which is desired by many.  Once installed, look after it with great care, and it will last a lifetime.


For information on any of Osmo’s range of environmentally friendly high quality finishes or products, please visit www.osmouk.com for more information.