Create a rainbow with Coram Showerpods NEW colour palettes!

We all know it’s impossible to avoid the cold dark nights drawing in, but with Coram Showerpods it’s now possible to elude them. With its newly introduced and inspired range of colour palettes, Coram Showerpods add a touch of summertime – all year round! Available across its entire portfolio, expertly built in Britain, Coram Showerpods unlock a new and exciting concept for its range of this market leading shower solution.

Amongst several unique benefits, Coram Showerpods inherently boast the fact that they are completely leak-proof, easy to clean and virtually maintenance free, making them an obvious choice for anyone specifying showering products in both residential and commercial environments.

Available in a range of sizes and now new colour options, there is the choice to create either a standard or bespoke colour with Coram Showerpods accommodating almost any RAL or suite, plus granite effects. Each pod comes complete with a beautifully finished, high quality Coram shower door, a choice of high performance thermostatic mixer showers and unique patent protected ‘Waterguard’ shower trays. The entire unit can be fully connected and fitted really quickly and without the need for problematic tiling, the pod is future-proofed, the ideal option to save money, plus capitalising on installation time and always reinforced by your peace of mind. 

Dedicated to producing a complete range of sizes and styles to suit all applications, the Shower Pod collection includes; the Quadrant, Corner, Bi-fold Alcove and Sliding Alcove. Coram Showerpods present nothing but state–of-the-art design and engineering, all complying with exacting British site requirements.



Fitting the Shower Pod – The walls and base of the shower pod are supplied in two sturdy cartons, which can easily be taken up stairwells and through doorways or any 600mm wide opening to the exact location and then installed. The pod structure is robustly constructed from GRP (glass reinforced polymer) and is designed not to need silicones or mastics to seal the joints.

Fitting the mixer – Bar mixer valve – unique easy-fit system: A special mounting plate is factory fitted to the pod wall, which means that on site you simply need to connect the mixer to the hot and cold feeds with the valve nuts. On the reverse of the mounting plate flexible pipes hang down the back of the unit and these can be accessed via the removable panel at the front of the base to allow easy attachment to the piped supplies with the push-fit connectors provided. The rest of the shower fittings are then simply screw fixed.

Built-in Valve: The built-in concentric concealed mixer valve is factory fitted, which means that on site you simply need to connect the mixer to the hot and cold feeds on the reverse of the valve and connect the showerhose via the bulkhead. The rest of the shower fittings are then simply screw fixed.

Anti-ligature sprayhead: For special commercial applications, an anti-ligature fixed sprayhead is also available.

Fitting the door – Coram’s shower doors have been designed to be faster and easier to fit than any other on the market, which is why Coram has become a leading provider of shower enclosures to trade installers. Each shower door is supplied fully assembled, so that on site all that is required is to fit the handle and then install it using the wall channels.

Product Information and Installation advice please contact: Coram Shower Pods.  Tel: 0115 9400644 or visit www.coramshowerpods.co.uk  

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