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Kemperol V210 Takes In The Sea Air In Fleetwood

Kemperol V210 Takes In The Sea Air In Fleetwood

Kemper System has helped to ensure that a much-loved seaside venue can continue for another generation, despite its challenging beachside location.


Marine Hall in Fleetwood dates back to the 1930s and houses the Fylde Coast’s theatre as well as providing a venue for events, festivals, weddings and conferences. The building features two covered esplanades leading off from the central, circular building, with columns supporting an 800m2 flat roof. The existing flat roof was leaking with water ingress causing damage to the timber decking below the existing bituminous sheet waterproofing, so Wyre Council brought in specialist contractor, Castle Contractors, to upgrade the roof as part of a wider refurbishment.


The roof was stripped and the damaged timber decking was replaced ready for the installation of a new waterproof membrane. The contractor used Kemper System’s ‘D’ Primer before applying Kemperol V210 to the new roof deck. The cold liquid resin saturates a non-woven reinforcement fleece that is tailored to the exact contours and details of the roof on-site. The waterproofing is installed in a single process and cures to provide a durable, flexible waterproof membrane that bonds directly to the roof substrate Mark Atherton from Castle Contractors comments: “The Marine Hall in Fleetwood is in a very picturesque but exposed location where heavy rain, high winds, U/V and damp, salty air are all specification considerations. Kemperol V210’s track record means that we can be confident that it will perform in these marine conditions to provide a minimum service life of twenty five years.”