Specifier Review


The country’s largest independent distributor of timber and panel products, James Latham, is now offering its extensive range of high specification Flamebreak and Moralt door blanks directly from stock at every one of its nine nationwide panel sites.


Available as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), Flamebreak door blanks are manufactured with a special three layer tri-laminated hardwood timber core, which helps to eliminate gaps, rippling and telegraphing.  They are also lightweight, and have an excellent substrate for easy machining and conversion, making them easy to handle and fix.

The Flamebreak range boasts an extensive list of industry recognised accreditations and certifications including; British Standard BS476 (Part 22 1987) and BS EN1634 – 1 as well as PAS23 and PAS24.  Flamebreak door blanks also hold DD171 and BS EN 1192 ratings for durability and wear and tear and have been successfully tested to meet the requirements of the BWF Certifire Scheme as well as attaining BMTRADA Q Mark.

Plus, the benefits of these high specification door blanks don’t end there. Flamebreak achieves U-values of 0.9/m2K for thermal insulation as well as sound insulation readings as high as 35dB. 


Klima, one of the Moralt door blank range, is fast becoming the preferred choice for architects involved in PassivHaus projects where they are increasingly being used in the construction of highly insulated, self-heating houses which are required to meet exacting and stringent construction specifications.  

Engineered specifically to comply with the latest building regulations, Moralt Klima thermally insulating door blanks boast a U-value of 0.89 which has won praise from the industry for helping the ideal house retain more heat than it loses.


The full Moralt range includes lightweight MDF, particleboard and plywood faced door blanks. Plus, they can be cut and lipped and supplied with or without vision panels in accordance with the correct global assessment to provide a certificated fire door set.



Latham’s manager for Doors, Steven Dennard, said: “We now have a range of door blanks to suit every requirement.  “Flamebreak boast a long list of technical and environmental features and benefits and weighing in at only 31kg each for a plywood faced 2135 x 915 x 44mm, means a single door blank can easily be worked and machined by one man.  And they are not only technically superior but also aesthetically as well and can easily be laminated, painted or veneered.

“Moralt door blanks offer significant benefits to two very different markets.  In public buildings where acoustics are a priority, as the name suggests, Moralt Firesound offers the perfect balance between sound and safety, whereas for those searching for exceptional insulation and who may have been set demanding energy saving targets; Moralt Klima can help to create the self-heating house of the future.”

For more information on James Latham, and its full door blank range or the stringent fire, thermal and acoustic testing processes utilised, please phone 0116 257 3415, email marketing@lathams.co.uk  or visit www.lathamtimber.co.uk