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New brochure shows heat pump value to community heating schemes

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new brochure to show the value that the Ecodan® range of air source heat pumps can bring to community heating schemes and how they can help such buildings achieve renewable energy targets.

The introduction of tough legislation is driving the market for renewable technologies and air source heat pumps are already recognised as low carbon alternatives to traditional systems such as direct electric, which are commonly found in multi dwelling and high rise buildings.

With Environmental Performance Certificates (EPC’s) now a requirement for all residential properties bought, sold and rented in the UK, building operators must be able to demonstrate energy performance in terms of cost and CO2 emissions.

“We have examples of our Ecodan range currently being used for multiple occupancy dwellings and high-rise apartments and have developed the brochure to set out the benefits of using heat pumps in a clear and concise way,” explained Graham Temple, Marketing Manager for the Heating Division.

The Ecodan range from Mitsubishi Electric is designed to deliver effective, low carbon, low maintenance solutions to help solve the legislative and social economic challenges faced by owners and occupants of these buildings.

Ecodan units can work individually or together to offer both centralised and standalone heating solutions which address the needs of both high and low rise community heating schemes. The system can deliver direct hot water through heat interface units, stored cylinder hot water or just heating, making it extremely flexible.

This makes Ecodan the ideal solution for multi-dwelling buildings such as social housing, care homes and student accommodation, with landlords benefiting from a low maintenance, sustainable heating source that adheres to energy labelling and renewable energy targets. Tenants also benefit from greater comfort levels and could see significant running cost savings.

Many traditional systems fitted to multi dwelling properties such as electric storage heaters, offer little or no control to the occupants on how and when the heat is delivered.

For high rise installations, gas heating has been avoided since the 1960’s due to a gas explosion in a London tower block.

Mitsubishi Electric

In addition to being recognised as renewable by both EU and UK Governments, air source heat pumps make design easy and ideal for both new-build and retro-fit situations. They are also fully scalable and able to work independently or alongside other heating systems.

“Ecodan has already been installed in thousands of homes up and down the country, from the Shetland Isles to the Isle of Wight,” explains Temple. “Our brochure includes examples of a Scottish tower block and a London community housing scheme which demonstrate how Ecodan does exactly what we say it will.”

Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of the brochure can download a pdf version from the company’s website, www.heating.mitsubishielectric.co.uk, or telephone 01707 282880 to request a copy.