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Pellet power for the average home

Pellet power for the average home

Green savvy homeowners can now take advantage of cost-effective and compact pellet power thanks to the latest boiler to be introduced by biomass solutions providers, Euroheat. The K10 automatic pellet-firing boiler is part of the extensive HDG range, and offers outputs of 3-9.9kW, 10kW – 26kW which means it is the ideal choice for the average-sized family home.

Simon Holden, co-founder of Euroheat, explained: “The K10 is a great choice for many homeowners considering moving away from fossil fuels; our most competitively priced pellet boiler, it presents an excellent alternative, particularly for those who have previously relied on oil. The launch is timely given the government’s recent proposals to support domestic RHI payments, which should help the biomass market flourish, while expanding suitably trained installers business opportunites.


“The HDG K-series offers the highest level of reliability and comfort within a compact design – the pellet store is integral to the machine, so less space is required to house the equipment compared with traditional pellet boilers. And, with efficiencies of over 90%, the K10 is a genuine alternative to the traditional gas boiler.”


The K10 is part of the K-series, standard features include:

·         automatic ignition

·         integrated IC engine and power control

·         automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger

·         patented burner cleaning system.


The K-series offers two types of wood pellet fuelling: manual feed from locally stored pellets or automatic refuelling from the hopper via a vacuum transfer system. Simple to install, the K series is compatible with common UK heat distribution systems, such as ‘S’ or ‘Y’ plan.



Euroheat also runs HETAS and MCS approved courses from its training and exhibition centre, in Bishops Frome, Worcestershire. For more information, visit www.euroheat.co.uk.