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Silence is golden for MENCAP

Silence is golden for MENCAP

A complex acoustic issue at a charity’s Sheffield sports hall has been resolved by Total Vibration Solutions using a clever and colourful solution.

When Mencap, the charity for those with learning disabilities, raised enough money to refurbish its Sheffield Sports Hall, built 38 years ago, the future for the facility looked bright. But the combination of high ceilings, composite steel roof panels, hard brick walls and wooden floors, meant the noise from every footstep and bouncing ball was still amplified to an uncomfortable level inside the renovated building.

What was needed was a speedy, effective and affordable solution to the problem but also one, given the disabilities of the users that was equally attractive and safe. Looking for viable options, Mick Wragg, Acoustic Director of local Sheffield firm Galaxy Insulation and Dry Lining, contacted noise and vibration suppression specialists Total Vibration Solutions (TVS), a North West firm he had worked with successfully in the past. Steve Whitbread from TVS led the team that was called in to investigate the problem and which came up with the innovative solution that met Mencap’s requirements.

A series of highly coloured TVS ABSorb panels were supplied, cut to size and fitted to the walls with Velcro fastenings. The panels, which are impact resistant (tested to DIN 18032-3: 1997), offer Class A performance and have been specially developed for use within sports halls, indoor five-a-side pitches, gyms and event centres.  In addition, a number of matching made-to-order TVS ABSorb cubes were strategically suspended from the roof purlins. The cubes provide a unique and attractive way to reduce reverberation levels within a large open space.


Both panels and cubes have an absorber core with a textile covering that can be finished in a variety of colours making them ideal for use within Mencap’s facility. What’s more their lightweight construction allows for fast and easy installation and, when cleaning is required, removal.

As a result of the TVS solution, reverberation within the Mencap sports hall in Sheffield has been dramatically reduced and, as a bonus, the colourful panels and cubes have provided an aesthetic interior treatment for users.

“Obviously the refurbishment of the original building, which dated back to 1974 and had a leaking roof, poor lighting and heating, took priority when the renovation project first got underway,” explained Steve Whitbread of TVS. “However, we were delighted to be asked to come up with a noise suppression solution that has not only significantly reduced the problem but has done so in an attractive, speedy, and innovative way; one that required no major alterations to the structure of the building. Mencap wants to attract increasing numbers of people to take advantage of the sports hall and this solution is certainly helping them to achieve that goal,” he added.

TVS, founded in 2009, supplies a variety of specialist acoustic and vibration solutions for leading clients across the sports & leisure, music and education, structural and construction sectors, and provides its services both in the UK and abroad.

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