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A biomass solution made for the public sector

A biomass solution made for the public sector

Public sector buildings have a commitment to cut carbon, as well as a commitment to keeping costs down and disruption to building occupants to a minimum. Helping meet the specific needs of this market, is leading biomass solutions provider, Euroheat, which has introduced a new pre-fabricated wood-fuelled heating unit – the ‘Energy Cabin’ – presenting a versatile and time-saving option for both end-users and specifiers.

Quick installation

Built by skilled biomass engineers at Euroheat’s HQ in Worcestershire, the Energy Cabin is delivered complete with necessary boilers, pipe-work, accumulators and hopper; it simply needs to be plumbed in and wired up – ready to go in one day, rather than the weeks it can take to put an equivalent system together on-site.

Reduced downtime

For public sector buildings which have an important role to fulfil for their occupants, such as schools and hospitals, downtime is kept to the absolute minimum. This is thanks to the quick installation and the fact that the Energy Cabin is a separate unit, self-contained outside of the main building; in some cases there is no downtime whatsoever.



Due to the dramatic reduction in time spent on-site to install the biomass system, costs are reduced considerably. As Euroheat experts are responsible for the actual configuration of the wood-heating components, the Energy Cabin arrives partially commissioned and can be installed by any Euroheat approved, competent M&E operative. 

Planning permission

Equipment is housed inside a bespoke unit, not just a converted shipping container, which, once in-location is regarded as a non-permanent structure, so in most circumstances negates planning laws – perfect for schools, listed buildings and trading estates. Heat outputs range from 30 – 200kWs but multiple cabins can be fitted together for larger requirements.

Available containing log, pellet or chip*boilers, Euroheat’s Energy Cabin can be clad in wood or metal, with left and right-hand side options plus adjustable legs for uneven surfaces.

Ideal for anyone looking for a quick-fix wood-heating solution, Euroheat’s Energy Cabin provides all the quality and power associated with its products in an easy-to-fit box.

*Chip boilers will require an external hopper, separate to the Energy Cabin.

For more information, visit www.euroheat.co.uk.