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LEDtec Assists David Lloyd Leisure to Get Environmentally Fit

LEDtec Assists David Lloyd Leisure to Get Environmentally Fit

LEDtec (UK) Ltd, a leading supplier of LED lighting solutions, has supplied 90 David Lloyd Leisure clubs in locations across the UK and Europe with energy-saving lamps enabling considerable benefits in both cost and environmental savings.

David Lloyd Leisure, Europe’s premier health, sports and leisure operator, requested a new ecological lighting scheme that would replace the group’s existing spotlights. LEDs emit just 5% energy on heat in contrast with 95% for incandescent bulbs.  LEDtec provided a total number of 17,889 replacement lamps with further purchases to follow. The organisation will save in excess of £200,000 annually in energy bills and reduced maintenance costs as a result of the new system.

LEDtec is the only manufacturer to offer a seven year guarantee on its lamps, which are easy to maintain and slot into existing light sockets.

A David Lloyd Leisure spokesperson said:

“LEDtec (UK) Ltd has provided new lighting that is cost effective, environmentally-sound and future proof.  We have a commitment to reduce our CO2 output in 2014 by 20% from our 2010 baseline consumption and the work with LEDtec is an important part of reaching our targets.  Member and staff comfort are of paramount importance to us and we have received a positive response to this lighting from both groups.”

In addition to saving money and reducing overall carbon footprint, LEDtec specially tailored the new lighting to better improve both the visiting experience for members and the working environment for employees. The lights are cool to the touch and do not contain any harmful ultra violet rays or mercury. 


Soft warm white colour lighting was fitted to create an uplifting  atmosphere in the swimming pool areas, changing rooms, café and reception areas


Clyde Roberts, Sales and Marketing Director, LEDtec (UK) Ltd. said:

“We are helping David Lloyd Leisure to continue with its strong policy of protecting the environment.  The savings on energy is helping the planet and the efficiencies of our lighting enables David Lloyd Leisure to run a healthy, cost-effective organisation.”