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Moores Help Reduce Waste for Plymouth Community Homes

Moores Help Reduce Waste for Plymouth Community Homes

Moores Furniture Group is working in partnership with Plymouth Community Homes on an industry leading waste management programme designed to drastically reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill sites.


The initiative was developed by Moores and building contractors Apollo Group who worked closely together to tailor the programme for Plymouth Community Homes to make the development more sustainable, and involves all the wood waste from the housing association’s major refurbishment programme being 100% recycled.


Tom Anderton, marketing manager at Moores, commented: “This project is an outstanding example of how seriously Moores Furniture Group is committed to sustainability.  All the wood waste from the refurbishment work is taken to our factory and recycled.  Already, this has saved more than 200 tonnes of waste from making it to landfill sites, representing a saving for Plymouth Community Housing of more than £20,000 in landfill charges.”


Moores is one of UK’s leading manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom furniture and has been leading the agenda on sustainability in its sector for more than 25 years. 



Along with the tailored waste management programmes it offers its customers, Moores also implement its own sustainable production methods and practices at its manufacturing facility in North Yorkshire.  This includes the use of a biomass boiler that runs off waste from the production process, as well as sourcing as many materials as possible from a 100-mile radius of its factory.  In addition, Moores also offer the social housing sector one of the first eco-kitchens in the UK, the ReAction range, which contributes points towards the Code for Sustainable Homes.


Tom continued: “Whilst the waste management programme for Plymouth Community Homes is only half way to completion, it is already demonstrating our commitment to help our customers reduce costs and act in a more environmental conscious way.  The partnership also ensures that this project continues to be a sustainable leader and example to other similar refurbishment projects across the country.”


The wood waste from the project has been recycled into numerous products, including wood chips for the panel board industry, premier garden mulch, equestrian bedding and arena surfacing, farm animal bedding and wood chips for bio fuel and golf course landscaping. 

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