Specifier Review

New Splashback Lights Up Isle of Wight

LiteTile Ltd have supplied Isle of Wight-based kitchen company Custom with an illuminated, colour-changing glass splashback.  This was fitted by LiteTile Ltd into a new kitchen designed and built by Custom.

Green splashback
Blue splashback
Amber splashback

This innovative type of splashback gives Custom’s client the opportunity to have bright task lighting in the kitchen and then switch the unit to exciting mood lighting.


Custom’s Chris Brennan says, “My client is absolutely delighted with his new kitchen and is very happy to be the first person on the Isle of Wight to have a LiteTile in their kitchen”.  He went on to say “The colour-changing splashback completely changes the mood of the kitchen depending on which colour is selected”.


LiteTile’s Director, Ian Lancaster, said “We were very excited to be working with Chris at Custom as we knew that Chris used LiteTile as a unique selling point in order to win this project”. 


He went on “Our splashbacks are very slim so fit neatly and easily behind a worktop or hob and are very easy to install and keep clean, as well as being energy efficient as we use the latest high output LEDs”


LiteTile, which was set up in 2011 and is based in Somerset, provide illuminated glass splashbacks that are suitable for use in both kitchens and bathrooms. Each unit is bespoke and a single unit can be made up to 3m in length.  The splashbacks can either be single colour or be completely colour-changing – giving total versatility in the kitchen or bathroom.  As well as supplying colour-changing splashbacks, LiteTile Ltd has a wealth of experience in the design and build of bespoke architectural lighting projects.