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Optigreen Partner Network

Optigreen Partner Network

Optigreen launches Green Roof Partner Network in the UK – combining the innovative products of an established manufacturer with the experience of qualified installers.


Leading green roof supplier Optigreen introduces first dedicated partner network for green roof installers in the UK in November 2012.

In what are challenging times for the building industry and green roof market, Optigreen’s aim is to provide more security for both the installer and supplier with a unique partner network scheme. The goal is not only to strengthen relationships with installers but also to avoid any loss in quality of green roof systems being installed in the UK through financial pressures and poor specification.

Following a model already successfully established in other European markets that has proven beneficial for everyone involved, Optigreen intends to work even more closely with their independent contractors, offering competitive quotes and a high level of training and support. Being able to choose from specialist and local contractors as well as having access to a post-installation maintenance scheme to ensure long-term performance will also prove beneficial for architects and other specifiers.

As an independent green roof supplier with no ties to any particular waterproofing system,   Optigreen’s main concern is that green roof installations meet both their own and industry guidelines  and standards.

Following the successful launch event on Wednesday 14th November, where chosen companies were invited to attend as potential partners, Optigreen’s Managing Director Stefan Zeller is convinced that choosing this path will lead to long term success not only for individual company’s margins but also for the green roof market in general.

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