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Creative Heating in Disguise…

Creative Heating in Disguise…

‘The Heated Wall System’ is a new concept brought to the market by Glassdomain; it is one of the most pioneering and awe-inspiring product innovations seen this year.


Making its debut into the interiors sector, it is anticipated that its unique properties will take commercial interiors to inspired heights of design, form, function and quality.

Visually ground-breaking, the ICON-GLASS Heated Wall System allows heat to radiate from its entire surface area, making it the ideal choice for commercial spaces.


This design quality is invaluable, as the ‘Wall’ has the ability to heat an entire location as efficiently as possible, in comparison to most domestic heating appliances that produce output from just the small area, within the appliances vicinity.

To create a sophisticated environment, consider the ‘Walnut Burr’ finish from the Woods collection, as pictured, not too dissimilar to the interior of a luxury car. ‘Walnut Burr’ is part of the standard 6 high impact image collections available in the ICON-GLASS range by Glassdomain. Containing a variety of designs that range from exotic wood veneers through to cityscapes, there is the freedom to create something completely unique.


There is no need to conform to a standard design, as there is an option to submit any image to meet bespoke requirements, this creates endless opportunities for commercial businesses to use the ‘The heated wall’ for their own corporate branding. Using a company logo or tailored backdrop via ‘brand-specific’ imagery like an overhead shot of the company’s factory plant for instance will make a positive impression to the end user, offering clarity of the company strength and thus building confidence.

‘The Heated Wall System’ has endless design possibilities, breaking into the commercial market without restriction. Below are just a few areas where ICON-GLASS can be employed;

Hotels / Bars / Reception Areas / Restaurants / Kitchens / Bathrooms / Meeting Rooms / Hospitality Suites / Retail Showrooms / Stadiums / Leisure Centres / Gyms / Health Spas / Category A Stores … & More!


For further product information please contact Glassdomain;

T: 0121 236 6637 | W: glassdomain.co.uk | enquiries@glassdomain.co.uk