Specifier Review

A kit approach to roofing without the drawbacks

UNILIN Structural Insulated Roof Panels deliver exceptional performance for the building envelope, creating valuable extra space within the roof structure and minimising material consumption throughout all elements of its construction.Image

Designed to provide a more insulated roof structure in a faster time scale and with a system specifically designed to accommodate pitched roof constructions for UK domestic dwellings, UNILIN roof panels provide exceptional thermal performance helping buildings to be more energy efficient in reality as well as on paper.

“UNILIN structural insulated roof panels avoid the complications encountered in achieving modern day efficiency requirements,” explains Richard Smith of UNILIN, division insulation. “Particularly in domestic dwellings, traditional roof structures often have a large ‘margin of error’ with thermal performance depending as much on construction skills and materials application as it does on design. However, with the factory built nature and ‘kit’ approach to roofing that UNILIN panels bring, you greatly reduce the impact of these two variables, making it far easier to achieve planned thermal insulation values in final testing.”

This principle of a kit built roof also significantly reduces the amount of supporting materials needed, making it possible to create useful space, even additional rooms, from a void that would otherwise be redundant using traditional construction methods. Inner facings of UNILIN panels can even be specified speeding up construction even further. With the ability to fit skylights within the panels, as well as to accommodate dormer constructions, UNILIN roof panels can achieve the same UK-centric look as traditional domestic roof constructions, as well as flat and shallow-pitch, without the drawbacks.

For further information contact UNILIN, division insulation, on 0032 5673 5091, info.insulation@unilin.com, www.unilininsulation.com