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Hush Acoustics – Education

Hush Acoustics – Education

Research proves that poor acoustics within educational environments can affect both teaching and learning.

Hush Acoustics have developed products and systems that will reduce impact, airborne and reverberation noise between or within learning spaces.

All Hush products are in compliance with acoustic regulations for educational environments and fall in line with the Building Bulletin 93 (BB93).

“We have developed many easy to install systems that are designed to optimise space within a classroom / teaching room for refurbishment projects or new builds. Creating better learning environments for students will make it easier for teachers to get their message across. We work on projects of any size from a single classroom to a whole school. “Rob Crampton MD of Hush Acoustics.

Hush Acoustics also offer a consultancy service outlining practical, economical and environmentally friendly ways to minimize noise levels within teaching environments.

To find out more about Hush Acoustic educational sound proofing options and other market sectors that they work in visit their website www.hushacoustics.co.uk or call to speak to one of their experienced technicians on 0151 933 2026.