Specifier Review

Pet foods facility achieves less than two year payback with LED lighting


The Challenge

California-based Diamond Pet Foods new 28,000sqm manufacturing facility posed a number of lighting challenges. First, the company needed an ultra-energy-efficient system to reduce consumption and fully leverage the benefits of its solar system. Second, they required lighting fixtures that would offer safety and reliability amid the high-vibration and dusty conditions. Ambient heat and humidity was also an issue, driving a need for lighting that would safely withstand up to 49°C and high humidity. With many hard-to-reach and low-clearance areas near process equipment, Diamond also needed dependable fixtures that offer longevity, low maintenance and ease of installation.

Finally, from an economic perspective, the company required a payback period on the project of less than two years in order to gain corporate approval.

The Solution

Diamond began with a trial of 16 High Bay LEDs from Dialight, the innovation leader in industrial and hazardous location LED lighting, before giving the green light to outfit the entire facility with 500+ high-efficiency Dialight LED fixtures.

The Results


The low profile of the Dialight LED fixtures enabled mounting in areas that would have been difficult with other bulky conventional lighting fixtures, and the company can expect to use at least 50% less energy compared to other options.

Not only did the Dialight products offer the rugged durability Diamond required, but each fixture is also backed by Dialight’s 5-year continuous performance warranty. Based on performance history, Diamond will likely enjoy up to a decade of reliable illumination, for a truly maintenance-free solution that adds to the significant energy savings. As a result of the energy and maintenance savings, the company easily hit its goal of less than two year pay back.

Installation Snapshot:

  • 300,000 sq. ft. facility
  • < 2 year payback
  • 24/7 lighting indoor, 12/7 lighting outdoor on photocell
  • 538 LED fixtures installed
  • Energy rate – $0.136/kWh
  • Energy savings: at least 50%
  • Up to 10 years of zero maintenance


Photo caption: Employees noted a significant difference in the bright white exterior lighting at the Diamond Pet Foods plant compared to the orange glow of the high-pressure sodium fixtures at the power generation facility next door.