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Leitz Tooling UK launches ThermoTech Window System

Leitz Tooling UK has launched Leitz ThermoTech Window System, which enables any size joinery company to manufacture ‘A’ rated thermal storm-proof, flush casement and traditional wood windows.

Leitz Tooling UK launches ThermoTech Window System 1


Created in response to proposed Part L Building Regulations  in the energy and carbon reduction improvement targets of October 2010, which could require further carbon improvement targets of a 44% reduction by 2013 and 100% reduction by 2016, Leitz Tooling has developed a complete, compliant and scalable system for the manufacture of high quality ‘A’ rated thermal windows by not only large companies, but for small to medium sized joinery companies, opening up new markets and business opportunities and reducing waste and sanding, while increasing efficiency, performance and finish.

Brian Maddox, sales manager for Leitz Tooling UK, the UK’s largest supplier of tooling to British industry, said “We have removed the burden of design, tooling, set up and window simulation thermal testing for the energy performance rating; the only things we don’t do is actually performance test the window or make it. Leitz is committed to high quality product, innovation and providing valuable services to our customers and our ThermoTech Window System was developed in response to the proposed changing Part L building regulations. It gives the opportunity for much wider high quality manufacture of A rated thermal performance wood windows, and there is demand, both from manufacturers as well as architects and contractors.”

Leitz’s ThermoTech Window System provides an all-in-one package solution which is scalable for the specific and changing needs of individual businesses. British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) registered simulator with Leitz, Richard Jacob, said “The system supports every type of variation, to suit every type of manufacturer, with any type of specification, with flexibility. As a low cost, dedicated modular system, it is not only as accessible and as future-proof as we can make it, but includes all the support customers might need, including custom window design and the cost of simulation to BRFC regulations to get the approved ‘A’ rating.”

Brian Maddox said “If you want to make ‘A’ rated wood windows, call us.”