Specifier Review

Green Screens Security Fencing

Mobilane Green Screens provide a perimeter security solution which satisfies environmental and social sustainability requirements, and which delivers a wide range of further benefits including; security, aesthetics, improved air quality, low maintenance, ease of installation. The Screens also provide a deterrent against graffiti and other anti-social behaviour.Image

Mobilane Green Screens are a simple but remarkably effective concept. The Screens consist of a 5mm thick carbon galvanized steel weld mesh fence and a biodegradable pot into which vegetation, usually ivy, is cultivated. The growing plants are wound around the steel Screens in nurseries until the planting reaches the full height of the frame. The fully grown Screen is then delivered ready to install. Screens can be grown to heights of 1.0m, 1.8m and 2.2m high. We now also sell 3m screens.

The ivy used does not grow significantly above the height of the wire fence of the Screen thereby ensuring a controlled dimension which is easily maintained. The Screen also provides a significant very tough barrier which deters intruders and even controls the passage of pets.Image

Unlike hedges, Green Screens do not require regular pruning to keep them within the dimensions laid down in regulations governing boundaries. For example, a 2m high hedge can be typically 1m – 1.5m wide, whereas Green Screens are much narrower yet are more dimensionally stable than hedges. This means that a Green Screen has a much smaller footprint than a hedge, which is particularly important where space is an issue. Yet the Green Screen delivers the same environmental benefits as a hedge, while also delivering additional security.


Easy to install and maintain

Installation of Mobilane Green Screens is as simple as digging a small trench for the biodegradable pot and securing the Screens at intervals to posts. As soon as they are installed, the Green Screens provide an effective and attractive barrier solution. However, they continue to grow and become even more luxurious and effective.

Various varieties of ivy are used on Green Screens and have been chosen because ivy is extremely robust and keeps its leaves all year round. As the Screens are planted into the ground they require very little maintenance, just watering in their first summer and then an annual trim and feed with granular fertiliser each autumn.


Mobilane Green Screens are suitable for a wide range of uses. Perfect for use as a sustainable and secure boundary around schools, colleges, hospitals and other sensitive sites; as a graffiti deterrent; as a sustainable fencing solution alongside roads, car parks and commercial sites; and even as a traffic calming feature. They have featured in numerous award winning gardens and projects throughout the UK and abroad.


  • Instant sustainable security fencing
  • Easy to install and low maintenance
  • Wide range of uses
  • Cost effective compared to brick or block perimeter walls
  • Will not exceed set height. Meets planning regulations for evergreen perimeter hedging
  • Restricted width, maximises space
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Environmentally sound alternative to traditional types of fencing