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Rain water recycling specialists Gutter Mate announces the launch of their best ever rain water diverter. The national Green Apple and Hertfordshire Green Award winners have worked hard to pack even more water efficiency into their diverter.Image

For the cost saving and environmentally minded, the new diverter handles a substantially greater flow and fits larger downpipes than before. It’s much more efficient and accommodating. The top section now handles round pipes up to 80ml and square pipes up to 75ml with ease. In fact, it suits most downpipes within the UK – and beyond. With an automatic overflow and a mesh insert for fine filtration, this really is the answer for top water recycling and efficiency.

For those short of time or safety conscious, the Gutter Mate 2 diverter is as good as it’s always been. Easily installed, inspected and emptied at ground level this diverter takes the pressure from your guttering and your feet. No ladders required!

It’s aesthetically good too: the corrugated hose allows flexible positioning of the water butt receiving the filtered rain water. The colour range has expanded too; the diverter now comes in brown as well as black and white.

The Gutter Mate 2 rain water diverter is the perfect addition to rain water harvesting systems. Using the fine mesh insert allows saved water to be used inside the home (such as washing machines, toilet flushing) as well as outside (car washing, garden irrigation). Search for Gutter Mate online.

Gutter Mate won the Hertfordshire Green Business Award 2011 for Best Recycling Project.

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