Specifier Review

Timeguard enhanced presence detectors for optimum coverage

Timeguard has taken sensitive presence detection to the next level, making it more affordable, with its latest range of PIR detectors.  

The new detectors provide enhanced presence detection over a 3m field, where they will react to the slightest movements of office or other sedentary occupants, while also providing reliable motion detection over a full 10m field (based on a typical 3m ceiling height). With their 360o fields and simple time on and light level adjustments, they are set to become the workhorse PIR detectors of choice for all energy saving applications.Image

The range includes flush and surface mount ceiling detectors, and are specified to switch up to 1500W (6A) for incandescent, fluorescent, halogen or inductive lighting, or a 250W (1A) ventilation fan. For more flexibility and economy, lights under control can be wired in parallel, up to the total maximum loading.

The light level at which the Enhanced Detection PIR detectors will switch the lighting or devices they control can be adjusted from 5 to 1000 Lux. The time for which they remain on is adjustable from 1 to 30 minutes.

For areas where ceiling mounting s not practicable, Timeguard has added  a wall-mounted version to  its enhanced detection PIR range. This offers motion coverage of up to 10m over a field of 120o, and with the enhanced presence detection for up to 5m.

Ask at wholesalers for Timeguard Presence detectors. For more information call 020 8452 1112 or visit www.timeguard.com.