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Pollution busting re-roofing programme improves environmental health

A Greater Manchester housing organisation has re-roofed 1,000 properties with Marley Eternit’s industry leading pollution-busting EcoLogic tiles over the past four years, as part of an ongoing planned roofing replacement programme.

New Charter Homes is a not for profit organisation owning and maintaining 14,700 properties in Tameside in Greater Manchester.  The innovative housing organisation was one of the first in the country to see the potential of using EcoLogic roof tiles on an ongoing re-roofing scheme.

EcoLogic tiles

Not only does the industry-leading EcoLogic tile offer excellent sustainability credentials, with almost 50% recycled content, but its use by New Charter Homes is making an important contribution to improving the environmental health of Tameside residents.  The tile has a unique ‘pollution-eating’ coating that absorbs Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) pollutants and converts them into soluble nitrates that are washed away harmlessly with rainwater.

The external surface on EcoLogic tiles contains photocatalysts which speed up the naturally occurring nitrogen cycle. The coating reacts with asthma-causing nitrogen oxides in pollution to convert them to nitric acid, which is then neutralised to form calcium nitrate, a liquid fertiliser that is harmless to the environment (and, in fact, can even help to fertilise a garden).

Most recently New Charter Homes has been using a new and improved version of the EcoLogic tile in ‘Nimbus Grey’, which was launched last year following customer feedback which demonstrated demand for a colour with greater flexibility in terms of planning constraints.  This product is available in an attractive grey blue colour which gives a closer match to the natural slate often seen on existing roofs in the Tameside area.  The tile also has a new formulation which offers improved durability and sustained performance with a smoother textured surface finish.

Danny Vose, head of investment at New Charter Homes, comments: “When New Charter was formed, we made the commitment to our residents to undertake a huge investment programme and over the last twelve years we have install over 3,000 new roofs.

“For the last four years we have planned the re-roofing of 250 properties a year using Marley Eternit’s EcoLogic tiles, not only because the product meets our stringent quality and durability criteria but also because it supports our environmental strategy to ensure that all of our properties are as fuel efficient and ‘green’ as can be.  We’re very pleased with the results so far and will continue to use the tiles as part of our ongoing planned roofing replacement programme.”

Gavin White, campaign manager at Marley Eternit, adds: “New Charter Homes was one of the first pioneering housing organisations to use EcoLogic roof tiles.  Their decision to specify this innovative product on their ongoing re-roofing scheme not only sets an example for others but is making an important contribution to improving the environmental health of local residents.

“Since its launch nearly five years ago, Marley Eternit’s EcoLogic tiles have removed the equivalent of more than 500,000 car miles of emissions from the atmosphere. With the UK now facing up to £300m in fines if it fails to improve air quality, we are encouraging all local authorities and housing organisations to consider using our EcoLogic roof tiles which offer double the green benefit. Not only do the tiles have strong sustainability credentials, with a high proportion of recycled content but they reduce pollution at the same time.”

Based on Marley Eternit’s Ludlow Major concrete tile, EcoLogic contains close to 50% recycled materials and can achieve an A+ rating in the Building Research Establishment’s Green Guide to Specification and also holds certification under the BES 6001 Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing.  These achievements make a significant contribution towards a project reaching the maximum number of credits available under the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM, helping landlords achieve current and future requirements of sustainability.  In addition to this, standing as yet another industry first, the product also recently achieved independent carbon footprint certification by the Carbon Trust.

Gavin continues: “We were delighted to add carbon footprint certification to our customer offering. We know that demonstrating the environmental credentials of our product is of vital importance and are committed to assisting customers to meet ever more stringent environmental targets.”

The independent carbon footprint certification applies to all of Marley Eternit’s roofing and profiled sheeting products, and certifies the total amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases emitted in the production and use of the product at every stage throughout its lifecycle. This includes the manufacture, transportation, preparation and usage of each product, right through to its final disposal.

A full range of matching fittings and accessories available to compliment Marley Eternit’s Ecologic tiles.

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