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Why Wet-On-Wet IS Best?

Why Wet-On-Wet IS Best?

Wet-On-Wet – Always the best for flat roofs

Once you’ve selected cold-applied liquid roofing or waterproofing as your method of choice, how then do you choose between the different products available to you?

Only one leading brand – Kemperol – is applied ‘wet-on-wet’, and when it comes to cold-applied liquid water-proofing, this consistently outperforms all other methods.

Why is this? – All other systems use a base coat, which once applied has to dry, and onto which the finishing coat is finally applied to effectively create a laminated system where the performance of the whole roof is dependent on bonding between the two separate layers.

Kemperol, however, is applied wet-on-wet – a total integration of the base and surface build-up into a single, chemically bonded layer with no laminations.

This forms an inseparable membrane that avoids all the risks of lack of adhesion, ‘thin spots’ or even delamination that can be the downfall of two-coat, wet-on-dry systems.

Why Wet-On-Wet IS Best? 1

Time Saving

It also saves time – with no need to wait for a base coat to dry – and has the further advantage that complete impregnation of the polyester reinforcing fleece is visible as it becomes saturated with resin. There is absolutely no mistaking when this has been achieved, which means optimum saturation and bonding to the substrate is assured.

Consistent Depth and Coverage

With other, ‘wet on dry’ systems, it can be difficult to see when the correct depth of surface coat has been achieved and for this reason manufacturers recommend that their contractors use a depth gauge. However this is only as accurate as the point at which it is used. On even small roof areas, this opens up the risk of thin patches which may jeopardise the total integrity of the roof, particularly in the most vulnerable areas or where standing water is likely.  Kemperol, which is applied wet-on-wet, completely overcomes this.

Complete encapsulation of plant room roof above operating theatre at Trafford General Hospital

Kemperol Wet-On-Wet. Always the best for flat roofs

Why Wet-On-Wet IS Best? 2No risk of delamination between top and base coats
Why Wet-On-Wet IS Best? 2Fast – no waiting for base coat to dry
Why Wet-On-Wet IS Best? 2No risk of ‘thin spots’ associated with wet-on-dry systems
Why Wet-On-Wet IS Best? 2Fully certified and tested: EOTA, FM, DIN, BBA
Why Wet-On-Wet IS Best? 2Exceptional performance: elastic, permeable, UV-inert
Why Wet-On-Wet IS Best? 240 years proven performance
Why Wet-On-Wet IS Best? 2Full range of surfacing options
Why Wet-On-Wet IS Best? 2Installed only by trained contractors
Why Wet-On-Wet IS Best? 2Optimum impregnation of the fleece is easily visible with ‘wet on wet’,
avoiding risk of operator error and need for depth gauges