Specifier Review

A better way to achieve thermal efficiency with a UNILIN roof

UNILIN Structural Insulated Roof Panels provide excellent thermal performance right off plan, giving contractors and specifiers the confidence to meet thermal efficiency standards without over-engineering build or refurbishment work.Image

Factory made and simple to install, UNILIN panels are supplied in varying thickness and with different facing materials, so that specific U-value requirements can be achieved. Thanks to the close manufacturing tolerances offered by UNILIN panels what is designed on paper is upheld in construction, ensuring minimal use of materials and confidence in thermal testing upon completion.

“For many developers, meeting thermal requirements often means over engineering insulation in roof structures, using up valuable space and adding to material costs,” explains Richard Smith, UNILIN, division insulation. “With UNILIN structural insulated roof panels delivering consistent thermal performance and avoiding the margin of error in installation, architects, developers and contractors can design and work with confidence, maximising roof space and minimising material consumption.”

With a UK-specific system for pitched and flat roof constructions, UNILIN structural insulated roof panels are available with PIR, and mineral wool insulation and available with a wide range of ceiling finishes. Suitable for use in private and social housing developments, public, commercial and industrial buildings, UNILIN roof panels meet all requirements and are supplied with a lifetime expectancy.

For further information contact UNILIN, division insulation, on 0032 5673 5091, info.insulation@unilin.com, www.unilininsulation.com