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Coram Showers innovate with NEW ‘Cubicle’ shower enclosure…

Coram Showers innovate with NEW ‘Cubicle’ shower enclosure…

Market leading British shower enclosure manufacturer Coram Showers set another trend with its newest design, the ‘Cubicle’.

Taking an inspired approach to shower solutions, Coram introduces this new concept of enclosure to pave the way for easier trouble-free and watertight shower installation.

Designed specifically to aid the commercial market, the ‘Cubicle’ is featured in conjunction with Coram’s Optima and Premier Range of shower panels and doors, thus ensuring the highest quality available to the end user.

NEW Click ‘n’ Fix

Each ‘Cubicle’ has specially cut channels to provide a brand new approach to fitting a shower enclosure. Not only do the pioneering conduits allow the installer to literally click ‘n’ fix the ‘Cubicle’ to completion, but the shower enclosure is actually freestanding!

Remaining a stand alone, watertight unit instantly avoids the need to prepare the wet area before installation. This can escape unwanted time delays as well as additional costs that may be incurred.

Fitted using Coram’s Optima or Premier shower panels and doors, the ‘Cubicle’ projects a more glass, less frame aesthetic. This has been achieved with the taller panels and doors, plus reduced profile widths featured in these collections. Manufactured from toughened and thick, Glassguard protected 6mm safety glass, the ‘Cubicles’ design is further strengthened using Coram’s dedicated range of bespoke trays. Uniquely manufactured from the company’s own Coratech® material, each tray has the strength of traditional stone but is light enough to carry and fit.

shower enclosure

Steel reinforced, these showertrays make for a rigid and completely watertight foundation to the ‘Cubicle’ enclosure, suitably equipped for each panel to then click precisely into place.

Managing Director Peter Dimeloe says “Innovation is key to remaining competitive and so for Coram to be able to design and manufacture such products and introduce them successfully to the market only spurs us on. It is our aim to continue facilitating merchants, retailers and installers that demand formidable quality, greater aesthetics and much easier installation, which I know remains at the forefront of everything we produce.”

Coram’s NEW Cubicle:

–     Freestanding format: avoiding preparation prior to installation

–     Click ‘n’ Fix installation: providing quick, easy and watertight fabrication 

–     Suitable to be installed with: Optima or Premier panels and doors

–     Glassguard Protected: permanent ‘easy-clean’ treatment applied to all panels and doors

–     Corrosion Resistant Aluminium Frame: product durability

–     Coratech® reinforced Showertray: revolutionary resin formula developed exclusively by Coram

–     Watertight Lifetime Guarantee: product security  

For video demonstrated ‘Step-by-Step’ instructions please visit Coram Showers YouTube Channel by following this link; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_tFoH_xCVc

Coram Showers is the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of shower enclosures, showertrays and bathscreens for professional and non-professional installation. Designed and built in Britain, Coram enclosures are the fastest and easiest to fit, becoming the known choice for merchants, specifiers and professional installers.

Dedicated to producing an extensive, high performance range, Coram presents nothing but state–of-the-art design and engineering, all developed in Britain.

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